Christine Zust

The Communication Queen

Maintaining relationships, managing staff and
building business success can be a royal pain.

The Communication Queen

Everything I Do Positions Me:
The Simple Path To Professional Success

Communicate With

Shut Up And Listen!
Keys to No-Nonsense Networking

Advocates, Allies, Angels and
Aliens…Oh My!
Assemble Your A-Team for
Business Growth

Deliver Powerful Presentations

Communication Rules!

The Great Balancing Act

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The key is more effective communication, and that takes skill. It takes vision. It takes a Queen.

Meet Christine, the Communication Queen (cue the trumpets). She has guided her loyal subjects, uh, clients, for a quarter century. Her advice is priceless on how to build lasting relationships, speak convincingly in meetings, and address any confrontation with poise and aplomb. The Queen never sweats, and neither should you.

Christine Zust is available to deliver lively keynote talks at your next conference, convention, annual meeting or special event.

She can grace your breakout sessions or lead half and full day workshops. You may also schedule an audience with Christine for personalized communication coaching.

A born leader, Christine is a contributing editor to and her articles have been quoted and reproduced internationally.

Availability and rates can be confirmed through email, phone call, or royal dispatch.

Long live the Queen.

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