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Shut Up And Listen!
Keys to No-Nonsense Networking

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Shut Up And Listen!
Keys to No-Nonsense Networking

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Aliens…Oh My!
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The Great Balancing Act

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Most professionals think they network well. In reality, they don’t. Many people scare away valuable prospects and business associates because their style of networking is arrogant and self-centered. Christine Zust introduces you to her networking nemesis and alter-ego "Natalie Networker," who shows participants by example how not to act when networking! Christine’s hilarious examples as "Natalie" leave a powerful, lasting message, while showing participants the right way to savvy networking success.

Learning Objective:

To understand the role that networking plays in career success, to identify barriers to networking, and to model the behavior of the successful networker and:

Recommended For:

Individuals who strive to be more professional and build their sphere of influence,
one relationship at a time.

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