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Deliver Powerful Presentations

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"Polished. Poised. Professional." Isn’t that the way you would like people to describe you as a presenter? Effective speaking is well within your reach, with a little attention and practice. Deliver Powerful Presentations examines the basics of presentation techniques for the professional. Whether your presentation is informative, persuasive, extemporaneous or impromptu, proven techniques like effective breathing and visualization exercises will help you to perform your best. Participants will be guided through the four-step process of presenting -- Prepare, Practice, Present and Playback. Using a presentation formula and tapping into tips from the pros, like using memorable openers and closers, you will be presenting with confidence and credibility.

Learning Objective:

To review the four-step process of presenting, examine topic development, how to organize materials, use gestures, identify your personal style of delivery, practice strategies to reduce anxiety, and improve effectiveness in addressing any topic.

Recommended For:

Executives, management teams, emerging leaders, sales and marketing professionals, educators and entrepreneurs.

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