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Here's what mentalism superstar Luca Volpe says about the StealthBoard 2:

This is a very elegant, high quality prop for the professional mentalist. Very easy to use and it works 100% of the time. I love how Mark has transformed a well-known, proven technology into a devious secret weapon.

What a fantastically clever weapon for the mentalist and mind-reading magician. StealthBoard 2 gets my highest recommendation.

Taiwan Ben
International Magic Creator

I bought my first AND last electronic impression device - the Stealthboard 2! I rarely do a review for a product and I almost never buy magic products. I did pay for the SB2 and I am glad I did.

I consider it THE impression clip board for workers and the battery life will last a life time of performances.

Shaun Dunn
Lead Product Developer For Penguin Magic

The StealthBoard 2 is incredibly slick, easy and effective! The simple, natural process of taking the clipboard back from the spectator gives you a complete view of the entire drawing, name, number, etc. without her ever being aware. Best of all, it looks and behaves so innocently that the prop is never suspect. It’s now my favorite method for duplicating a drawing.

Jim Kleefeld
Professional Magician,
Author and Creator

If you’re looking for a strong book test with a magazine, you’ll find it in Magnum. It just might be the “mother” of all magazine tests.

Wayne Kawamoto

Magnum is a powerful, many-layered tool. Use it wisely and you will have a performance piece that is topical, full of humor, and can be modified to play longer or shorter at a moment's notice.

Arthur Trace
MAGIC Magazine
(See the June 2013 issue of MAGIC for the full review)

If you're looking for a stealth switching device for billets, bills, or similar flat articles, you won't find anything better than the innocent but lethal Omni-Pad. The magnetic-locking panel holds everything securely so that you can handle the pad with confidence. You could even hand the pad to the spectator to open and he won't suspect a thing! You'll love this pad, which includes an impression device and performs well in low-light conditions. The Omni-Pad is truly a mentalist's dream.

Jared DuBois
Professional Magician and Mentalist

I am very impressed with Magnum. I love that it is not just a reveal-a-word magazine test, but an entire routine. The ‘magazine subscription card’ crib sheet is an incredible idea! Plus, the professional advice given in the booklet was, alone, worth the price of the routine.

David Floyd
Educator and Magical Entertainer

Want a terrific mentalism routine? You cannot do better than adding Magnum from Mark Zust to your repertoire. It is a versatile, thorough, audience-tested, multi-phase, mind reading event that you can use for one or several effects.

Jim Kleefeld
Professional Performer
and Creator


Stealthboard2 LCD Impression Device

The amazing StealthBoard has gone electronic! 

You thought the original StealthBoard was incredible? Wait until you try the StealthBoard 2! It’s tough, lightweight and super thin. Made of black polycarbonate plastic and inset with a hidden backlit liquid crystal display for an incredibly detailed impression. Easily viewed in both low light and on the brightest stage. Use ANY pen, pencil, Sharpie marker, even crayon or chalk, for a crisp, clear impression. Uses standard 20# copier paper. The StealthBoard 2 measures 5 1/2 x 8" and is just 1/8” thick with a stunningly large impression area of 5 x 7 1/2”. It’s perfect for pre-show work AND for the easiest, most deceptive real-time peek you will ever use! Resets in three seconds. Best of all, you can hand the board to a spectator with confidence and they won’t discover or suspect a thing. Each StealthBoard 2 is expertly hand crafted of premium materials and built to last. The liquid crystal display (LCD) power source is permanently installed and is good for 50,000 impression/erase cycles! Includes an e-tutorial with ideas, tips and easy care instructions.


Stealthboard 2 - $169 with FREE shipping and handling anywhere in the Continental US. 

OmniPad is your “power tool” to perform amazing magic and mentalism effects!

OmniPad is your “power tool” to perform amazing magic
and mentalism effects!

OmniPad is an incredibly versatile device for magicians and mentalists. It's easy to use, built to last, can be refilled with plain paper and uses no chemicals, electronics, or anything that can break or fail during performance. Includes a full-color e-manuscript with detailed handling instructions, tips and effects. 

Here are just a few of the amazing effects possible with OmniPad:

The Bourne Impossibility

A devious and foolproof revelation using a choice of three Jason Bourne paperbacks by Robert Ludlum. A spectator simply thinks of a random page number of their choosing (they never name it out loud) and you reveal the essence of what they just read! This can be revealed verbally, in writing, or as a drawing. The paperbacks are ungaffed and can be given out as souvenirs.

Serial Divination

A super easy serial number divination. Borrow one or more dollar bills. Place the bills on a page of the OmniPad and hand it to a spectator to choose a bill. You immediately describe what state the bill was printed, then name the entire serial number. And the spectator keeps the bill!

Super Fan

Have several people write random sports scores (bowling, basketball, baseball, etc.) then pass the sheet from the OmniPad (initialed by an audience member) to another spectator who adds up the scores. The total matches your sealed prediction, which is a photo of a scoreboard with the correct final score!

OmniPad comes with the special 5 x 3 1/2" pad that does all the work, a detailed full color e-manuscript for the above routines, easy care instructions and more. Best of all, the OmniPad is so innocent looking that you can use it in other routines so that it becomes "invisible" in your audience's mind.



Magnum is much more than an amazing magazine test – 
it's a complete 5-10 minute act!

Magnum is much more than an amazing magazine test – it's a complete 5-10 minute act!

With just a single page torn from a freely chosen magazine you have an entertaining series of impossible revelations that are logical and can involve up to eight people. You can even add reveals on the fly based on how your audience is reacting. Magnum is a template for creating a fun, highly entertaining 5 to 10 minute routine filled with mystery, drama and lots of laughs, even if you're not funny! 

It comes complete with FIVE copies of a special full-color magazine page printed front and back on sturdy, glossy magazine stock. Magnum has been written by a professional copywriter and formatted by a professional editorial designer. The articles are varied and can be read from start to finish, yet appear completely normal. With Magnum you can use most of your favorite magazines including Rolling Stone, Men's Health, Wired, GQ, Time and Scientific American Mind. The page has been created with fonts, graphic elements and colors that are identical or complementary to all of these magazines. Slip the page into five of your favorite magazines and you're ready to blow minds!

Magnum also comes with a 28 page full-color e-manuscript filled with routines, sample scripts, jokes and lots of performance tips. For simplicity, flexibility and portability, this is the ideal magazine test. It even works beautifully with other tests like Glance and Booked. Get Magnum and have more fun with your mentalism!

Here are some of the incredible effects you can do with Magnum:


Magnum -  $45 with FREE shipping handling anywhere in the Continental US. 

The Force!

The Force is a must-have utility for all magicians and mentalists. The Force is a must-have utility for all magicians and mentalists. Why use a suspicious looking change bag when you can hand out an innocent see-through plastic office pouch? Comes in two sizes and capabilities. The LARGE pouch (10 x 12 1/2”) will force ONE item such as a playing card, coin, billet, etc. The SMALL pouch (6 1/2 x 10 1/2”) can force TWO items. Made of sturdy, flexible clear plastic with a sliding seal enclosure. Includes a printed booklet with 12 effects, tips and ideas.


The Force! - $35 for either size, with FREE shipping and handling anywhere in the Continental US.


BOLTED! - A Royal Impossibility!

BOLTED! - A Royal Impossibility!

The most impossible Monte ever! You show a winning Royal Flush, but there’s a problem: the cards are out of order and they’re permanently BOLTED together! Without any fishy moves, the Queen visually jumps to the center, between the Jack and King, then jumps again to cozy up to the Ace! For the big finale, the Queen jumps one more time even though the spectator NEVER lets go of the card. They close the fan and hold onto the bolted packet. You NEVER touch the cards, yet when they open the fan, the cards are in perfect Royal Flush order and EVERYTHING CAN BE EXAMINED. Best of all, BOLTED! is easy to do, can be immediately repeated, and includes a fun story of how a notorious gambler teaches the magician a valuable lesson. The precision-made set is hand crafted from real Bicycle Brand “Prestige” PLASTIC cards that will never tear and can be wiped clean. The stainless steel bolt is permanently sealed, so the cards are always ready to entertain adults and kids alike!

Note: The set you receive may be a different suit and color combination from what is shown in the photo. Custom sets using real Las Vegas casino cards are also available for a slight up charge. Email Mark directly for details at:


Bolted! - $28 with FREE shipping and handling anywhere in the Continental US.