Christine Zust


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“Ah, joy! A speaker with intellect and a sense of humor! Christine weaves comical skits and her unique brand of wit into her presentations, and livens up otherwise ordinary business topics with smart, interactive content. Plan to learn and be amused, even if you think you’ve heard it all.”

Nicki Artese, President
Artese Communications


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Christine Zust provides a lighthearted perspective on
“The Evolution of Human Resources"


Christine Zust explains the critical role Advocates play on
your "A-Team" to help grow your business.

Christine Zust explains how your allies can be used strategically
to secure new work and grow your business.

Christine Zust shows how the "angels" in our lives can open up
new opportunities for career and business growth.

Have you had contact with "aliens"? Christine Zust explains how
the aliens in your life may be the best thing that could happen to your business!

A great way to engage any audience is to create your own character. Christine Zust shows you just how easy it can be to have more fun with your audience and make a point they'll never forget!


Keynote speaker Christine Zust tells the story of "The Strawberry Lady" and the importance of authenticity.