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Welcome To The Amazing World Of Mark Zust, The Perceptionist

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Mark Zust as PaoloPosing as "Paolo" the Italian con man, Mark has fun with a big money winner.

Mark Zust as Paolo

Meet Mark the Card Sharp
and learn what to watch out for in Las Vegas!

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"Mark Zust was a joy to work with! His performance received great reviews and our members found him very insightful and focused on delivering a message that they could readily apply. Mark was a terrific addition to our conference." 

David Arata 
Northeast Regional Manager, 
The Risk Management Association


"Mark Zust is without a doubt one of the most energetic and entertaining Magicians that we have had the pleasure to experience and work with in our organization's 28 year history covering more than 265 events. His professionalism is unmatched when it comes to delivering the real deal. Our guests were thoroughly amazed and everyone left with a smile on their face! Thank you, Mark."

Tom Lamb
Associate Executive Director
Ohio Cancer Research Associates


"Mark was a wonderfully engaging addition to our recent casino-themed fundraising event. He 'read' the audience well and had a good feel for the guests. He is sensitive, smart, funny and kind. All wonderful qualities for an entertainer working with a large group of guests. We were very lucky to have Mark on our team at this event and would welcome him back to future events."

Beth Darmstadter
Director of Development
The Gathering Place


"Mark's performance at our Reverse Raffle Fundraiser event was done with great enthusiasm and professionalism. All of our guests were thoroughly entertained and amazed by Mark's sleight of hand. Thank you, Mark. Your presence at our event helped make it a tremendous success."

Eric A. Wagner,
Managed Wealth Financial


"Mark, I can't express how well your showmanship was received at our networking / trade show event. Consider this a glowing recommendation of your ability to incorporate an engaging and enlightening presentation to what is normally a bland event. I appreciate our professionalism and attention to detail. You worked our audience to a level of excitement and disbelief that played well for our sales people to make introductions and gather valuable contact information. Thank you again for helping to make our event exciting and memorable."

Alex Desberg
Director of Sales and Marketing, Internet Providers


"Mark, you brought high energy and an element of the unexpected to our client's event. It was great fun to watch peoples' expressions change from unsure, to engaged, to being thoroughly entertained! Your personality and performance lit up the crowd wherever you went, and you transformed each group into an active and willing part of the experience. What you provide are unique, magical moments that people will remember for a long time."

Raymond Liptak,
BMA Media Group 


"If you want to inspire and motivate your colleagues and team members, Mark Zust is the one to do it! His thought-provoking, interactive keynote leaves you feeling empowered and wanting more. The American Society for Training and Development, Greater Cleveland chapter, had the pleasure of hearing Mark's insights as part of our group's 65th Anniversary celebration. Our attendees, including many past presidents, were delighted to learn mind-changing tips and magic demonstrations that they can apply in classes and programs."

Lori Klepfer
Greater Cleveland ASTD, 
Executive Vice President


"It was remarkable to see
Mark help a roomful of bankers transition from skeptical to willingly thinking in new ways. The messages of being open to new experiences and that things are not always as they seem were reinforced by Mark's stories and amazing magical effects. My group was still trying to figure out the effects and were practicing the Magic Dice illusion through to the next day of the conference. Mark's talk will have a lasting effect on those who are ready to accept new challenges
and move out of their
comfort zones."

William G. Loftus
Senior VP, Business Banking Manager, Wachovia


"We have found Mark's presentations to be truly outstanding! I think sales people are the hardest to impress, yet Mark does so with ease. We have invited him back four times, which says it all."

Robert J. Evans 
President, RJ Evans & Associates


"Mark amazed me and my staff at the United Way annual holiday event. His mind magic demonstrations are engaging, fun, and a reminder of what we can accomplish when we tap our personal power. I look forward to bringing Mark back for a fifth consecutive year."

K. Michael Benz
CEO, United Way Services of Greater Cleveland


A mind-expanding experience

To explain Mark's performance is impossible, to see it is unforgettable! Your audience will laugh, gasp and talk about the experience for weeks afterward. During Mark's keynote or training session, you'll learn how to build your brainpower while you're entertained in the process. Mark's sessions are engaging, 100% clean and filled with laughter and audience involvement.

Like magic, Mark transforms your group into the real stars of the show.

They'll have a fantastic time, which is a great reflection on you. Whether it's presenting mind mysteries at a hospitality suite, annual meeting or other special event OR delivering a captivating keynote or training session, Mark's mind-growing performances are perfect for corporate, association, academic and business audiences of all types.

For more information and to check Mark's availability for your next event,
call 440-777-8373 or email

What can Mark do for your group?

Prepare to be amazed!

Tough to Bluff

Can you bluff Mark Zust, The Perceptionist, and win $100?
Five audience members try their luck with hilarious results!

A Mind Stronger than Steel

Mark Zust, The Perceptionist, harnesses the power of his audience and becomes
a "super mentalist" able to bend steel spikes at will.

Sudoku on Steroids

Mark Zust, The Perceptionist, creates a unique Suduko solution in record time.

Learn a Magic Trick

Click here to download the free "magic die" artwork.

A custom program for every client.

Mark works closely with you to customize each program to meet your objectives and provide the greatest return on investment. Along with being an incredible performer, Mark is a talented writer and brand specialist who is available to help you create a compelling theme as well as craft scripts to ensure his performance is 100% on message.

Pick the performance that's perfect for you:

Keynote - Mark's signature stage show, Change Your Mind, Change Your Life is great for corporate, academic and association events, for groups from 10 to 10,000. It's a fun, motivational and mind-growing blend of tips, stories and incredible demonstrations of mind power. This is the performance your people will talk about for weeks, even months afterward!

Wake 'Em Up! Energizer – Perk up your slow starting breakfast meeting or sluggish after lunch session with high energy, humor and captivating mind magic. Mark puts your audience in a powerful frame of mind for learning that will carry them through your entire event.

Terrific Training – A skilled trainer and facilitator, Mark will keep your audience engaged as they learn techniques to embrace change, build a stronger memory, "read" other's thoughts and solve problems creatively. Training sessions can be created to last two hours, a half day, a full day, or more.

Hospitality Suites – Make your suite the most popular room at the conference. Mark will mesmerize your guests with magic and mind reading for a few minutes or several hours, giving you time to get to know your guests better and build lasting connections.

Card Sharp Secrets – Everybody loves to gamble! Mark shows your guests how to win at cards and beat the cheats! His captivating demonstration on the gambler's art has been performed in Las Vegas casinos and for companies nationwide. Perfect for gambling-themed fundraisers, trade shows and other corporate events.

Magical Mixers – Nobody mingles quite like Mark! His engaging close-up magic will make every guest feel special. His unforgettable introductions and audience involvement create an amazing experience for everyone. Sit back, relax, and let Mark work his special magic – he does the impossible and makes it look easy.

Trade Show Spokesman – Mark makes sure the money you spend on your booth and brand is translated into greater traffic and qualified leads. Mark knows how to build a crowd and keep them at your booth. He is also a master at weaving your key sales messages into a memorable performance. Discover how Mark can make your next trade show amazing.

Creative Writing and Brand Building – Mark is also a professional writer and brand specialist. Tap his talents and discover new ways to develop and strengthen your theme, punch up your scripts and use custom magic demonstrations and special effects to drive home your key message. Mark is available for individual or group brainstorming sessions as well as ongoing consultation to make your event a stunning success.

For more information and to check Mark's availability for your next event,
call 440-777-8373 or email