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Your audience will be inspired, learn new skills and have a great time!


A Mind Expanding Experience

To explain one of Mark’s performances is impossible. To see it is unforgettable! Your audience will learn how to build their brainpower while being entertained by Mark’s incredible demonstrations of mind magic. His sessions are engaging, 100% clean and filled with laughter and audience involvement. Mark transforms your group into the real stars of the show. They’ll have a great time, which is a great reflection on you. Mark’s keynote speeches, training sessions and mind-growing performances are perfect for corporate, association, academic and business audiences of all types.

What Can Mark Do For Your Group?

A Custom Program For Every Client

Mark works closely with you to customize each program to meet your objectives and provide the greatest return on investment. Mark is a talented writer and brand specialist, available to help you create a compelling theme as well as craft scripts that ensure his performance is 100% on message.

Powerful Presentations Take Many Forms

Keynote - Mark’s signature stage show is perfect for corporate, academic and association events, for groups from 10 to 10,000. It’s a performance your people will talk about for weeks afterward!

Wake ‘Em Up! Energizer - Mark perks up your slow starting breakfast meeting or sluggish after lunch session with high-energy magic, humor and captivating mind power demonstrations.

Terrific Training - Mark is a skilled trainer and facilitator who will keep your audiences engaged as they learn detailed techniques on embracing change, customer service, building a stronger memory, “reading” others thoughts and solving problems creatively. Training sessions can be created to last two hours, a half day, a full day or more, as needed.

Hospitality Suites - Mark makes your suite the most popular room at the conference. He will entrance your guests with magic and mindreading for a few minutes or several hours, giving you time to get to know your guests better and build lasting connections.

Magical Mixers - Nobody mingles quite like Mark. His engaging close-up magic will make every guest feel special. His unforgettable introductions and audience involvement create an amazing experience for everyone. Sit back, relax, and let Mark work his special magic – he does the impossible and makes it look easy!

Trade Show Spokesman - Mark makes sure the money you spend on your booth and brand is translated into greater traffic and more qualified leads. Otherwise, what’s the point? Mark knows how to build a crowd and keep them at your booth. He is also a master at weaving your key sales messages into every memorable performance. Call Mark today at 440-777-8373 and find out how he can make your next trade show amazing.

Creative Writing and Planning – Mark is a professional writer and brand specialist. Tap his talents and discover new ways to develop or strengthen your theme, punch up your scripts and use custom magic demonstrations and special effects to drive home your key messages. Mark is available for single brainstorming sessions or ongoing consultation to make your next event a stunning success.

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