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The Great Balancing Act

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The Great Balancing Act

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Today, the Great American Dream is to “have it all” while living a balanced life. An almost impossible goal, to be sure. With mergers and downsizing at an all-time high, the working professional is expected to put in longer hours, perform more tasks and make more tough decisions than ever before. To get the job done, workers often compromise their health, their marriage, and quality time with family and friends.

The Great Balancing Act shows individuals how to find the time to do what’s most important to them. Participants will begin to prioritize key issues and let go of the unnecessary as they create a more balanced professional and personal life. For many, this session will have a profound impact.

Learning Objective:

To identify areas which challenge a balanced life; to outline a professional and personal plan for success; and to apply breathing and visualization techniques that provide calm and clarity.

Recommended For:

Every person who feels overwhelmed by life’s demands!