Christine Zust

Everything I Do Positions Me:
The Simple Path To Professional Success

Gain Your Competitive Edge in the Marketplace 


The Communication Queen

Everything I Do Positions Me:
The Simple Path To Professional Success

Communicate With

Shut Up And Listen!
Keys to No-Nonsense Networking

Advocates, Allies, Angels and
Aliens…Oh My!
Assemble Your A-Team for
Business Growth

Deliver Powerful Presentations

Communication Rules!

The Great Balancing Act

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How you position yourself as a professional in the marketplace has tremendous influence on your business success and the quality of your life. Yet, business people rarely take the time to assess where they are currently positioned or where they need to be in order to maximize their efforts.

Power positioning is a strategy that combines communication, networking and marketing techniques to help you gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. It comes from Christine Zust’s popular book, Everything I Do Positions Me: The Simple Path to Professional Success.

This session examines six key components in a positioning strategy -- communication competence, networking savvy, attitude, knowledge base, professional image and personal style. Participants chart their future success through interactive, skill- building exercises that are lively and instructive.

Learning Objective:

To recognize your current position, chart your ultimate position, and outline the action steps needed to gain a more powerful position in the marketplace.

Recommended For:

Professionals who want to position themselves more powerfully with key clients, customers and constituents -- executives, management teams, emerging leaders, sales and marketing professionals and entrepreneurs.

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