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Supercharge your positioning, your brand, and your life! Christine and Mark show you how.

Christine ZustChristine Zust

helps you tap the incredible power of positioning! She creates a safe space for open dialogue among executives, emerging leaders and staff. Christine's approach is all about results, based on her 30+ years as a communication expert. She is also the author of Everything I Do Positions Me: The Simple Path to Professional Success. Whether delivering a compelling keynote address, delivering content-rich training programs, coaching individuals or facilitating strategic planning retreats, Christine does it all with humor and grace. It’s no wonder people call her the Communication Queen.

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Mark ZustMark Zust

As the "Brand Mechanic", Mark helps small businesses like yours get the most from their brand investment. His no-nonsense approach is based on 25+ years as principal of two branding firms and as a college professor who has studied what makes great brands tick. Mark is also a compelling speaker, trainer and coach, helping business owners and employees build strong brands that matter to their niche markets. Whether you're looking to get more mileage from your brand through social media, build a high performance team of brand ambassadors, or overhaul an underperforming brand, Mark has the tools to get you back in the fast lane.

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